And they wonder why their ratings suck


I won’t even presume what goes through a rape victim’s mind when she’s forced-against her will-to perform any sex act, but the idea that some jackass reporter would question why she didn’t bite her attacker’s penis is beyond the pale.  Yes, one Don Lemon, a talking head on CNN had the utter lack of class, decency, and taste to ask that of the woman accusing Bill Cosby of rape.

Try, if you can, to imagine this question being asked by a FOX News reporter and the blow-back that might ensue.  I was actually surprised the HuffPo decided to call CNN out on this, as mild as it is, and I am trying to imagine how this moron is even employed this morning after having asked this question of a rape victim.  I would not be surprised, had this been asked by a FOX News employee-on camera-that Obama wouldn’t have taken to prompter demanding the FCC  find a reason to take the entire network off the air.  When you consider the public firestorm after ill-advised but less cruel comments made by a conservative radio host and politician you’d think they’d be all over this given how offensive it was.  Do you hear the crickets? Yes?  Wonder if it has to do with this occurring on a liberal network?

As I wait and troll the web and watch the news for any word about Jonathan Gruber, a man who visited the White House on multiple occasions to help get Obamacare passed, who mocked our citizenry for being stupid-repeatedly-and who freely admitted to gaming the system, I try to remember that the media world slants one way.  Left.  They can say and do anything and get a free pass.  It’s up to the  purveyors of news sources to demand better, to change the channel when what’s really stupid opens its mouth and asked a question like this one.

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