Monday 11/29 links

Do they deserve it? Gun control didn't help. useless idiots. Phoney Fauci strikes again!

Gwen wants a kitten-donate here!

Parkinson Voice Project is a non-profit dedicated to helping individuals with PD and related disorders to regain and maintain strong voices and clear speech.  Gwen loves representing this organization and we encourage you to support it, too!  Here's the link so YOU can help return the gift of speech to someone with PD: For more information on Parkinson Voice Project, to RSVP for the Virtual Choir, or to watch our online SPEAK ...

11/19 Friday links

These Are 22 of the Worst Movies of All Time DOD Acted Appropriately in Jan. 6 Riot Response, Pentagon Watchdog Says Intermittent fasting reduces inflammation, helps the body like a diab...

11/18 links

I'm normally against this type of thing, but... Joy Reid calls "no joy".. The Media's Verdict on Kyle Rittenhouse New York Times Writer Sarah Jeong Says Inflation in the News Is Just 'Rich People Flipping Their Shit'

Links for Wednesday 11/17

Researchers uncover potential vaccine and treatment for Alzheimer’s Radio host claims to have identified "Jump-Kick Man" Biden Won’t Defend Black Woman From Racist Attacks, Former Harris Aide Says

11/16 links

Dental implants? Body of 98yr old WWII vet was donated to science then sold & dissected in front of people in a ballroom Rockefeller Center Christmas tree arrived from Maryland over the weekend Amazon Echo can tell if someone is in t...

Links for Monday 11/16

Monday program notes 11/08

Bill Stevens from Mecum Auto Auctions on battery powered cars. AG Schmitt on law suit against the Biden administration. Peter Navarro Former Trump advisor on his new book. Marc Marano an odd doctors diagnosis! Dale Roberts 60 minutes on SAPA in Missouri....

Nov. 3rd links

I've always thought that, Van. Biden re:Virginia "we're gonna win". It's wrong no matter who does it! Having children make you happy?

11/02 Tuesday Links

Communist China not the US! It's the world stage so, WAKEY WAKEY sleepy Joe! Our future? Fauci exposed, in Newsweek!