march 30 links

What's the message here? Nixonian? Anti trust laws should go away! Fake news, nothin' to see here!

Pelosi video

Huh?   Election questions 25 Big Questions That Democrats Can't Answer About The 2020 Election ( https://www.lifesitenews....

March 9 links

Project Veritas- Saudi, Emirati Leaders Decline Calls With Biden During Ukraine Crisis Russia 'has gone all in': Does Putin have a way out of his war in Ukraine? 'Don't say gay' bill passes

Too far?

Jim Lamon for U.S. Senate: Super Bowl Ad - Director's Cut - YouTube...

The big cat story!

Look at the size of this "house cat!"

car deal

December 6 links

Some are easily offended.. I wouldn't eat here if I was in law enforcement, would you? Why I hate "asset forfeiture" Make sense?

links for friday 12/3

Hot christmas gifts. paid leave?

Monday 11/29 links

Do they deserve it? Gun control didn't help. useless idiots. Phoney Fauci strikes again!

Gwen wants a kitten-donate here!

Parkinson Voice Project is a non-profit dedicated to helping individuals with PD and related disorders to regain and maintain strong voices and clear speech.  Gwen loves representing this organization and we encourage you to support it, too!  Here's the link so YOU can help return the gift of speech to someone with PD: For more information on Parkinson Voice Project, to RSVP for the Virtual Choir, or to watch our online SPEAK ...