Rob Peter to pay Paul

This will get some media attention from those on the left, and I agree there’s something special about people on social security disability-those “most vulnerable”-who claim back injury and then belly up to the trough to suck the teat into perpetuity.  I’d argue the program could be easily cut in half, probably reduced even more than that.  And under no circumstances should money to cover these 11 million (and growing) “disabled” be taken from social security.

Here’s my issue with it-and maybe it’s just my wife and her aching back that is making me feel a bit sensitive, because in spite of her own physical issues, she finds a way to get work done.  She knows what it feels like to work with a broken back and while she’s far from disabled, if she were unable to do what she’s presently doing, she’d find another way to do something else.  Why?  Because she’s laser-focused on figuring out what she CAN do, not bitching about what she can’t.  People can get on disability for obesity, depression, generic “back pain”, along with a host of other things like profound intellectual or physical disability that actually inhibits gainful employ.  I see SSI as a way out for the terminally lazy who, because we as a country allow it, choose not to seek a job they actually could do when physical or mental problems interfere with their ability to do their chosen profession.  Where in the Constitution does it say that your ass is to be carried by the remainder of the populous if you are, say, unable to stand 8 hours a day because of back pain?  And why are these people not encouraged to get jobs that would allow for more sitting?  That’s what my wife did.  She could easily say to herself, “my back hurts too much for me to work.”  She could trot to orthopedists, wearing them down to the point that she’s either a narc junkie or convincing them to call her disabled to the point that they agree to sign off on the paperwork.  A lot of people do that.  She  chose to focus on other things, so I think a lot of this is mindset, victimization facilitated by the government.  Understand that it’s a lot of work to get disability, and also that there are people who are truly disabled who can use the help (though I also believe it should be provided through private means versus taxpayer-funded).  What I’m talking about are the millions of people who could easily do SOME job and choose to suck the teat instead.

I’ve had enough, and I say trim the disability rolls, then cut benefits if you have to.  But don’t take money promised to generations of seniors.  And for God’s sake, get rid of social security so that the coming generations escape this government sanctioned Ponzi scheme.