Just the word implies racist connotations and I cannot believe they didn’t change it to “radical ‘less politically incorrect benign name’” since they are founded on a phony “social justice” concept. The innane co-founder of this absurd Brownie troop spin-off said they aren’t telling the girls what to think. No, they’re just letting these young lasses paraphrase the false media/liberal narrative that the world is full of social injustice because “White policemen are killing black young folks such as women, men and children.” Another articulate lass offered, “Mike Brown. He was shot because he didn’t do nothing. Only the police office shot him because of his skin color.” Yes, he was just a sweet black boy out for a walk with a friend whose hands accidentally stole from a convenience store and then shoved the store clerk who requested payment. Maybe they ought to think about focusing troop activities on speaking grammatically correct English, or perhaps even seeking the truth?

The troop leaders were excited that the girls new head garb are a hybrid of the original brownie beanie with a Black Panther feel. After all, the Black Panthers are only concerned with making the streets safer. In what parallel universe would you want your daughter to emulate that? They also offered that the young ladies have earned their first badges. Would it surprise you if I told you it says “black lives matter?” Yes, they earned it for marching in the MLK day parade.

They are hoping this idea catches on. I don’t. Children get enough indoctrination in school, they certainly don’t need the kind of hate fostered from grade school on by an all girls’ group supporting the notion that black people somehow aren’t getting a fair shake.