Obama to unveil tax package at State of the Union

I can only assume Obama is hoping that by pre-infuriating me with his release of snippets, he thinks I’ll have wound down by the time he actually delivers his plans for further socializing our fair Republic. So far, we know that part of the master plan involves providing additional benefits-free childcare and college-to some Americans by sticking it to other Americans, namely the “1%.” How he thinks the 1% will not pass these costs down to the little people through increases in the costs of the goods and services they provide to the masses is beyond me but he has yet to grasp that this is how WE, the little people, end up being the ones who ultimately pay.

But what tripped my trigger this morning, resulted in flames shooting from every orifice, is his plan to further stick it to employers by mandating they set up retirement accounts for their employees.  I don’t know how many of you know my wife, but she is a genial girl for the most part…until you get her started on government intrusions into our lives and the raping of her paycheck in the name of fairness for all. To her surprise, she discovered when looking at a paycheck some time ago, she is mandated to contribute to a retirement account. She’s encouraged to contribute more, but she is mandated-by law because she works for a state entity-to have at minimum 1% of her pay seized and placed against her will into a retirement account…and when her yearly gross exceeds a certain amount, it increases to 2%.  She finds that outrageous and I got quite the earful about this. I am not, presently, in this position myself but if the O has his way I will be. You will be.  Hence my fire-breathing anger this morning.  Here’s why…

If he gets his way your employer-who already has more paperwork than you can begin to imagine-will have yet another layer of government paperwork in proving they’ve set up a mandatory retirement account for you.  It’s for your own good and provides cover for the government because they know they’ve squandered the money you already pay into Social Security for your retirement, so they now want to make you save more.  Understand that my wife has nothing against saving for retirement and neither do I. We’d be making significantly greater headway toward saving for it, too, if the government didn’t take so much from us in taxes.  You might be thinking there are enough loopholes and deductions for everyone-I assure you, we don’t get those. We have no children. We do not own a home. There is no special deduction for which we qualify.  We just pay for everyone else.  And now, he likes the idea that an employer can just take responsibility for forcing us to save on the job by making them set up an account for us?  No, no, no. It should be my choice, and there is no reason why this choice should be dumped on my employer or anyone else’s.

Check out this article from USA TODAY: